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Our Program

Are you sick and tired of the same old junk food being offered in your vending machines? At SD Healthy Vending we understand, which is why we are offering your business, school, office, fitness center … FREE VENDING MACHINES.

We service businesses, shopping malls, hospitals, health clubs, schools, colleges, universities, and anywhere we feel our “YoZone” vending machines will be well received.

Free Delivery / Installation

SD Healthy Vending will deliver and install a “YoZone” to your location FREE. We use highly trained and specialized “white glove” installers to ensure there is no disruption to your business during installation.

Professional Operators

SD Healthy Vending operators are trained, uniformed professionals. Our role is to service the machine, replenish its consumables and keep the machine clean and presentable at all times. All of our “YoZone” machines provide contact details and telephone numbers for service requirements.

Online Reporting

We have remote access to the machines so we know when attention is required and what products are missing at all times.

Credit / Debit Card Payments

All our machines feature Credit / Debit card readers for cashless payment. With the “YoZone,” gone are the days of vending machines that only accept bills and coins.

Free Product Sampling Events

Upon request, SD Healthy Vending can provide your location with a product sampling event allowing your students and staff the opportunity to try our tasty range of natural and organic snacks / beverages. We will also revise the product selection in the machine, upon request.


We carry a commercial general liability policy on each of its YoZone vending machines. This policy protects the employees/students and property of your company/school for any unlikely occurrence.  A copy of the plan can be provided upon request.


All “YoZone” machines arrive to your location with the most appropriate product selection based on market research and consumer groups. Whether you are a school, hospital, shopping mall or white collar business, SD Healthy Vending knows what products your customers desire.

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